Hey Greg, 

Thanks for a wonderful time on the beautiful Little Red River today. The trip was perfect. My 18 year old grandson and I, neither of whom had ever been fly fishing and had never caught a trout had a ball hauling in fish after fish and relying entirely on you to show us the proper techniques and locations to make it all possible. The weather was great including gentle cool breezes and plenty of sunshine, the fish were feisty and aggressive, and the scenery was relaxing. My grandson is a proficient bass fisherman and has plans to perhaps become a pro on the competition circuit, but today’s outing broadened his horizons and both he and I will add fly fishing to our list of outdoor fun. Thanks for all your patient instruction, the tasty lunch, and the opportunity to spend time bonding with my grandson. I would highly recommend your services, without hesitation.


George Scott
Prescott, Arkansas

Greg, Thanks for the great fishing trip from Pangburn last week. An amazing fishing experience -- lots of big fish just where you said there would be. Thanks for your expertise and all your hard work to keep Lisa and myself busy landing the fish. We look forward to the next trip from Lobo Landing. Chuck (Texas)


I've been fishing with guides for the last 20 years in a half-dozen states, and after one day with Greg, I'd put him at the top of the list.

I especially admired the way he always had a rod ready for me to use, while he was re-rigging the rod I'd just been using. No other guide I've used has been smart enough to figure that one out. He spared no effort to find fish and guide me to the best presentation. And by the way, I caught over 30 trout--most of them on a fly he invented and ties for the Little Red River. Even the home-cooked hot lunch was outstanding.

John S.had this to say -- Greg, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much Allan and I enjoyed fishing with you. I appreciate your patience with two novice fly fishermen and how hard your worked to keep us on the fish. I feel like I learned so much but still have so much to learn so I assure you I will be back. I also enjoyed just visiting and reconnecting with you. I got the picture cd and WOW! I didn't know you were such a great photographer. Karen absolutely loved Sondra's card and is so jealous of her artistic talent. She has always wanted to do watercolors and wants to know if Sondra will teach her. Thanks again for a great trip!





Thanks again for an excellent time on the river. Shanna and I cant wait to return and see if we cant hook "the big one" again! After catching those fish, she is definitely hooked on flyfishing, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful fishing partner!

A favor please: keep your eyes open for a lot on the river, either FSBO or by a Realtor. We loved it enough to consider purchasing a river-front lot so that we can one day do as you have done, retire there.

Hope your Christmas season is a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous!



ps we got the card and CD of the photos yesterday. Your wife is an EXCELLENT artist, and your photography skills deserve an award....thanks for sharing with us.


Thank you very much for a great time and the patience you had with us, this is the first time "ever" any of us three have done anything like this together and the fish we caught and missed were all we could talk about back to Conway.

Thanks again for a fantastic time.



Greg, thank you for the great day on the Little Red!  It was full of good conversation and plenty of good fishing, too bad I missed my chance at the big one (or maybe two) but there will be more in the future.  The pictures are great thank you for taking them, I have not had time to view the DVD but make time this weekend.  Would like to come back later this year to chase the browns, maybe a couple days not on a holiday would be good.  Once again thank you for some great memories, looking forward to fishing with again!




Tammy, Greer and I could not have enjoyed our fishing trip more. We thank you very much for all you did and for all of your attention and kindness to Greer. He is quite proud of his certificate which now hangs in his room. I just received your nice card and the disk and we look forward to looking at the photos this weekend. Attached are just a sample of Tammy's photos that she emailed to me at work. I reviewed all of hers on the home computer and many of the pictures of the fish jumping and fighting came out excellent. I will have her forward some of the better ones as I am sure you would enjoy them. The third attached picture does not hold a candle to some of her other ones of the fish jumping out of the water. She took some great ones.

Again, many thanks for a great trip and everything else; we look forward to seeing you next time


Greg, I wanted to say thanks for the pictures and give you an update on my fishing Thurs and Fri.
Thursday I fished at the dam.   I started with the dropper rig and didn't do much good.  I noticed the fish were rising and tied
on the crackleback that you gave me.  I started catching fish with it.  This was up river from the narrow section (guard house). Caught 7 there. I then went further up toward the dam where it is shallow.  Fish were rising there also and was catching fish until the horn blew at 1.  Total of 9 for the morning. 
   Friday I started at the dam in hopes of seeing some rising fish again.  No luck.  The river was getting crowded and I decided to go
to the bridge and fish.  I started with the single midge and was not having any luck.  I fished down stream where the water got deeper and decided to rig up the dropper with sow bug on top and midge on bottom, like we fished on Wed.  I immediately started catching fish.  Caught 3 in one run and thought I was done catching fish for the day.  As I was on the way back upstream, I decided to try another run where guys were fishing earlier.  Caught 8 there in about 45 min.  I had to get back to the camper to get ready to head home or I would have stayed longer.  Both days started slow but ended up being successful.
  I was great being able to fish so much in one week. Our trip on Wed definitely boosted my confidence on Thurs and Fri.  I was able to use the knots you showed me and using the different indicator is much better than the foam that won't move.  I went to the fly shop and got some more indicators and some soft weight.  Small things can make a big difference.
Once again, thanks for the trip and all the tips and info.  You helped make it a great week of fishing for me.  I hope to see you on the river or at the fly shop on one of my return trips.



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