Date Posted: July 03, 2018

The bite has been hard to predict the last few days.  Monday morning the fish were active in the morning during my half day trip but Tuesday, the morning bite was slow.  Both days I fished the same area in the lower river.
The heat has made afternoon drift fishing uncomfortable.  Be sure to drink plenty of water with the high heat indexes. 
Small midge pupas, small mayfly nymphs, sow bugs and red-ass emergers have been my choices for flies.  San Juan worms have been effective when fishing the lower river before the water has dropped out.  When the water is a little off color, the fish seem to like them.

The generation has continued to be the afternoon variety with 2 units running for 2 to 6 hours each afternoon starting at 1:00 or 2:00 pm.  The river remains clear and water temps are good.

Happy 4th of July and Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton

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