You are definitely TROUT KING of the Little Red River. All the testimonials are true! I have guide fished across the US. You are the best. You make your clients catch trout & improve their fly fishing techniques, not to mention your patience with hard headed old farts. I had a blast.

After receiving the video & your extremely professional photos collected over the years of the beauty & wildlife along the Little Red, I realized your value after just one little "trout trip". I will be back to wonder at your wisdom and catch a lot of trout soon.

Robert B. McDonald
Hosston, La.  
June 25, 2020

Dear Greg,
 I thank you for the great 1/2 day on The Little Red on July 30th 2019 and in improving my Fly Fishing skills. You were a wonderful, kind, and patient host. I especially enjoyed your Jet Boat that was able to navigate the shoals easily, where the fish seem to be feeding that day. Greg, your displayed skills in pinpointing targets was exceptional, and has enhanced my own skills with a fly rod. I’ll again look forward to seeing you in the near future with my wife Tara for another day on the beautiful Little Red! 

Thanks again Greg!
 Blessings, Stephen
July 2019

Greg is a great guide with the heart of a teacher. My 14 year old son and I were complete rookies and Greg had the patience to not only tolerate our mistakes, but to help us overcome them and have a great time. He did a phenomenal job with my son and truly made us feel welcomed on his river and in his sport. He even went above and beyond on taking pictures and video of us. We would gladly use him again and I wish that all the guides I've used were as good.

July 2019


Greg Seaton
Cooterneck Rd.
Heber Springs, Arkansas

Dear Greg,

I wanted to drop you a line to once again, tell you how much my son-in-law and I enjoyed the two days we spent fishing with you on the Little Red River in Heber Springs.
Over the past 23 years, fishing in WY, Idaho, CO and AR, I have used at least 12 different guides most of which were very good and some I used multiple times.  Of all the guides I’ve ever used I can truthfully say you are the best. Your boat and equipment was first class and well above what we expected, your knowledge of the river, fishing techniques and fly usage are unequaled.  The lunches you provided were first rate and your sense of humor just made the trip even more enjoyable.
Our safety and enjoyment of the fishing experience was ever present on your mind.  Your patience and understanding of our expectations was outstanding.   Mike and I recounted our catch and release trip and together in the two days, we boated 87 trout and hooked at least 125 of those magnificent fish.  The three 17 inchers we caught merely added to a great trip.  The photos and video you made and forwarded to us was an added feature we surely did not expect.   What a wonderful benefit you offer your fishermen.

You will be recommended to all we know who want to fly fish with a fantastic guide!  We look forward to fishing with you again in the near future.


Tom Hamilton

Hey Greg, 

Thanks for a wonderful time on the beautiful Little Red River today. The trip was perfect. My 18 year old grandson and I, neither of whom had ever been fly fishing and had never caught a trout had a ball hauling in fish after fish and relying entirely on you to show us the proper techniques and locations to make it all possible. The weather was great including gentle cool breezes and plenty of sunshine, the fish were feisty and aggressive, and the scenery was relaxing. My grandson is a proficient bass fisherman and has plans to perhaps become a pro on the competition circuit, but today’s outing broadened his horizons and both he and I will add fly fishing to our list of outdoor fun. Thanks for all your patient instruction, the tasty lunch, and the opportunity to spend time bonding with my grandson. I would highly recommend your services, without hesitation.


George Scott
Prescott, Arkansas

Dear Greg,
I received the two discs.  You did a magnificent job on these and we really appreciate all you did for us relative to our fly fishing trip.  We all had a great time thanks in no small part to you and George.  You guys were custom made for our group.  I think you have found your calling and it shows.  If we can make it back for more fly fishing trips, and I'm betting we will, you will be our guide(s).  Best wishes for much success and enjoyment in all you do.





Greg, I wanted to say thanks for the pictures and give you an update on my fishing Thurs and Fri.
Thursday I fished at the dam.   I started with the dropper rig and didn't do much good.  I noticed the fish were rising and tied
on the crackleback that you gave me.  I started catching fish with it.  This was up river from the narrow section (guard house). Caught 7 there. I then went further up toward the dam where it is shallow.  Fish were rising there also and was catching fish until the horn blew at 1.  Total of 9 for the morning. 
   Friday I started at the dam in hopes of seeing some rising fish again.  No luck.  The river was getting crowded and I decided to go
to the bridge and fish.  I started with the single midge and was not having any luck.  I fished down stream where the water got deeper and decided to rig up the dropper with sow bug on top and midge on bottom, like we fished on Wed.  I immediately started catching fish.  Caught 3 in one run and thought I was done catching fish for the day.  As I was on the way back upstream, I decided to try another run where guys were fishing earlier.  Caught 8 there in about 45 min.  I had to get back to the camper to get ready to head home or I would have stayed longer.  Both days started slow but ended up being successful.
  I was great being able to fish so much in one week. Our trip on Wed definitely boosted my confidence on Thurs and Fri.  I was able to use the knots you showed me and using the different indicator is much better than the foam that won't move.  I went to the fly shop and got some more indicators and some soft weight.  Small things can make a big difference.
Once again, thanks for the trip and all the tips and info.  You helped make it a great week of fishing for me.  I hope to see you on the river or at the fly shop on one of my return trips.






Hey Greg,

Just wanted to say thanks again for a great day on the river. I lost track once more after you started counting again after we had been in the honey hole a bit so have no reasonably accurate number to allege to when I tell others.. What was the pink fly we were using? I think it was a streamer(?) of some sort with some pink maribou but don't visualize it clearly and feel dumb trying to describe it. Not sure why pink works so good there but you don't see it used here... I may try it here as a wild card sometime (first stocking starts next week).

I was so jazzed I couldn't wait to call all my fishing buddies with a report.

Thanks again,




Greg, Thanks for the great fishing trip from Pangburn last week. An amazing fishing experience -- lots of big fish just where you said there would be. Thanks for your expertise and all your hard work to keep Lisa and myself busy landing the fish. We look forward to the next trip from Lobo Landing. Chuck (Texas)


Greg, thank you for the great day on the Little Red!  It was full of good conversation and plenty of good fishing, too bad I missed my chance at the big one (or maybe two) but there will be more in the future.  The pictures are great thank you for taking them, I have not had time to view the DVD but make time this weekend.  Would like to come back later this year to chase the browns, maybe a couple days not on a holiday would be good.  Once again thank you for some great memories, looking forward to fishing with again!



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