Date Posted: July 21, 2011

Well I’m getting just like the weatherman.  When summer comes you can rerun the weather every day and it seems the same.  It’s also like that on the river.

The generation remains at 2 units from 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight.  This window allows good drift fishing from morning until about 3:00 pm if you stay ahead of the new generation.  This pattern will probably remain about the same until the lake level is normal.  The lake is now 469.9 ft. which is 8 feet above normal pool and is falling at the rate of about .25 ft. per day.  If you do the math, that figures out to be about a month of this pattern to return the lake to normal. 

The generation pattern is keeping the river cold for this time of the year and the fish are active. It seems that the larger trout are more willing to bite.  My clients are catching some nice rainbows and a few nice browns. Large weighted nymphs in about 5 to 6 ft of water seem to be the best choice.  A couple of the shoals on the upper river are good in the short window which allows wading with sow bugs and midges producing good fish.

Good Fishing!!


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