Date Posted: August 09, 2011

Finally some relief!!  We got a good rain during the night and early this morning.  The temperature on my back porch overlooking the river was 74 degrees at 11:00 am this morning with cloudy skies.  This is about 25 degrees cooler than the temps for the last week at this time.  The generation started at 8:00 am this morning but when I called the power administration they said they would probably start at about 10:00 am or later for the next couple of days.  This depends on demand and the rainfall in the region.  It looks like things are shaping up for the possibility of more wade fishing opportunities.  After the lake gets to normal, the schedule should be for generation starting about noon if the demand stays about the same.  Always check the daily predicted schedules for more current updates.

The river is in good shape with the water being somewhat cloudy due to large generations for the past several weeks.  The fishing is good with rainbows and browns being active.  As the river clears with less generation and lower water conditions smaller flies may be the best choice but as of now large nymphs seem to be the fly of choice.
My client, Cindy, a first time fly fisher landed this brown on Sunday, August 7th.

Good Fishing!!


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