Date Posted: August 19, 2011

Good News!! 

I just looked at the weekend generation and they are showing 1 generator from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday and 2 generators for the same time period on Monday.  This is what a lot of you have been waiting for; more wading opportunities.

The river is in good shape with midges and blue winged olives hatching.  Small size 18 to 20 midge pupas and small blue winged olive emergers should be the flies of choice.  The water is still a little cloudy but with less generation it should become clearer.  The fish are healthy due to the large generation over the last few months.  This has kept the river cold during all the hot weather and the fish are active.

Gene and Mary, students of my winter fly fishing class at First United Methodist Church, went fishing with me Wednesday and this was Mary's first trout.  A great way to start a new endeavor.  She had never fly fished before.  We had a  good morning catching a lot of nice rainbows and this brown.

Good Fishing!!


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