Date Posted: September 08, 2011

The river was clear and low yesterday.  The water level was the lowest it has been in several months.  The generation was a partial unit from 1:00 am to 9:00 am on Tuesday and no generation until 4:00 pm on Wednesday.  The water was clear and the fish were spooky but it was great to be able to sight fish for the first time in a long while.  There was a large midge hatch early with a few blue winged olives hatching later in the day, so we used small midge pupas and small emergers and caught a lot of nice rainbows and a nice brown trout.  Fish get selective in the low, clear water so you may want to downsize your tippet.
We can look forward to more of these days during the next few weeks if the weather stays the same.  There is less demand for the generation and the lake is below the normal conservation level.  The power administration informed me that they may need to regulate with Greers Ferry Dam during the coming days.  This means there would be some days that they run generators throughout the day to regulate the “grid”.  Hopefully, they will not need to do this too often, but it may be best to check the generation schedule the day before you plan your fishing trip.  Drift fishing would always be an option but it may limit the wading opportunities. 
If a guided trip this fall is in your plans, you should call and book your trip now since this is a busy time of the year and the days are beginning to be booked.  It looks like the fall fishing is going to be good.


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