Date Posted: September 18, 2011

I haven’t posted in a few days because all has been about the same, but now the temperature is beginning to cool and the water is staying low.  With these two factors the river is clearing and the fishing is returning to true low water conditions.  This means a little more stealth and smaller flies.  Size 18’s, 20’s and sometimes 22’s have been the norm with 6x tippet becoming common.  All this equals a lighter hand in setting the hook and more patience in playing the fish.  Sight fishing is now possible so wade into the river slowly and look for fish holding in feeding lanes and present your fly to these fish.  By watching these fish you can determine at what level they are feeding and by presenting different flies, in various ways, you can see their reaction to your fly.  Once you have determined the fly and the presentation, most all fish in the area will be willing to take your offering.
There are still some blue winged olives hatching but the main bite is on midges and they are small.  Midge pupas, midge emergers and small soft hackles seem to be the best bet.  This being said, some nice fish can be taken on small wooly buggers early and late especially in the drop offs below shoals.  Drift fishing is still productive by drifting quietly through the deeper shoals and in the pools above and below the shoals.
The browns are beginning to get a little more active.  I have taken some nice browns lately on midge pupas, sow bugs and emergers.  They should start feeding more to get ready for the spawning activity later in the fall.  Be ready to let the fish run on the take, especially if it is a larger brown or rainbow.  Since you will probably be using that small fly and light tippet, a hard hook set and trying to turn the fish on that initial run, is not going to work!

Good Fishing!!


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