Date Posted: October 21, 2011

Sorry to be so long in between reports but when fishing conditions remain about the same, I don’t have much to talk about.  The river remains in good condition with clear water and mostly low water levels.   Clients have been catching a lot of nice rainbows.
The generation has changed to some early morning generation rather than late afternoon.  This is brought about by the change in peak periods…….warmer weather brings an afternoon and evening peak and cold weather requires more generation in the waking hours of the morning.  The Power Administration tells me that this will be back and forth during the next month since the temperatures can fluctuate a great deal during late October and November.  The last two days the generation has began about 6:00 am and stopped about 10:00 am.  This means early morning to mid-morning wading at Winkley Shoal and early morning and late afternoon wading at Cow Shoals.  Remember the colder the weather the more likely we will have morning generation.  With the milder weather forecast for the weekend, there is a good possibility of less generation.  To check the current generation you can call 501-362-5150.  You may also check the links on this website for generation information.
The brown trout are beginning to jump with mostly the smaller males being seen.  This means there are signs that the browns are becoming more active and are beginning to move.  As the brown spawning season begins, please remember to avoid wading thru the redds (spawning beds). These are identified by bright, clean spots on the gravel bottom of the river.  Also, you might consider fishing below the redds rather than for the fish occupying the redd.  The fish are actively spawning when they are on redds and the fish below are eating the eggs that the current washes down stream.  Both browns and rainbows usually set up below redds.  I have not seen any redds so far this season, but they will be appearing in the weeks to come.

Good Fishing!!



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