Date Posted: October 31, 2011

It looks like we’re now in a two a day generation pattern.  Today they generated for 3 hours this morning and they began generating at 7:00 pm this evening.  The same pattern is forecast for tomorrow.  This will make wading available at the dam from the late morning thru the afternoon and Cow Shoals afternoon only.  Winkley Shoal may have some wading from mid-afternoon to dark.  Fishermen need to check the daily schedule and call the dam for updates.
I would like to welcome the Trout Unlimited members who will be attending the regional meeting in Heber Springs on Friday and Saturday.  Some have asked what flies are working on the river.  Sow bugs, midge pupas, and red ass soft hackles have been taking fish on the shoals and San Juan worms have been good in deeper pools.  Egg patterns should take fish even though the browns are not on redds.  There are some rainbows spawning and this will put some eggs in the river.
Some nice rainbows have been caught during the last week.  It seems with the cooler weather, the larger fish get more active.  Some browns are also being caught and some of the females are full of eggs.


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