Date Posted: November 22, 2011

Just when you think all is going just the way you want; oops!!!   The brown trout are beginning to move up on the shoals and fishing was good when along came this “gulley washer”.  In the last two weeks we have recorded over 6 inches of rain in the area and the river is high and muddy.  The lake is about 3 feet over normal pool and rising.  I spoke to the Corp of Engineers this morning and they confirmed that generation would start tomorrow to bring the lake back to normal.  With a rise on the White River at Georgetown exceeding the gauge set for this time of the year at 13 feet, they will have to adjust the volume of water released at Greer’s Ferry to about 3000 day second feet per day or about 2 units for 12 hours.   You can check the link on this website for the predicted generation and the actual generation for the previous day. This means wading will be at a minimum for the next several days.  The generation should help clear the river but the water will be high.  When it clears, drift fishing should start to improve.

Hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your families and friends.  I will keep you posted on the fishing conditions as they improve.

Happy Thanksgiving and Good Fishing!!!


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