Date Posted: December 06, 2011

The rain is over and it snowed today.  A great way to open a fishing report, but that’s Arkansas weather for you.  The rain event was about 3 ½ inches for Sunday and Monday.  This left the river muddy, but it was beginning to clear today.  The forecast is for dry weather the next few days and that should allow the river to clear.

I spoke with the Corp of Engineers today and there is an issue with high water at Judsonia, on the White River, which will cause the generation to be less than full generation for the next few days.  They said that the flow will be about the same as today for the next couple of days with a gradual increase starting Friday and be back to full generation (2 units for 24 hours) by the first of next week.  The generation will probably be a few hours in the morning beginning at 6:00 am and a few hours in the evening beginning about 5:00 pm; this being the highest demand period for electricity.  If this pattern plays out, there may be some wading opportunities at the dam and Cow Shoals the next couple of days during midday hours.  The lake is now about 6 feet high, so that means 18 to 20 days of full generation when the White River level allows release on the Little Red.  Most fishing will be limited to drifting. 

Good Fishing!!


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