Date Posted: April 11, 2010

Just got off the river after a two day guide trip with clients from Amarillo, Texas.  This was the first weekend this spring that the river has been low and clear.  It was a great feeling seeing the river back to a near normal condition. Yesterday was a fair day with the rainbows scattered.  I was able to find one concentration of fish, otherwise it was one or two here and there.  I think this was because the river had been high for such a long period, it was a shock to the trout to have low water.  Today was as expected--a good day. The river was low for the second day and the fish were keying on a caddis hatch.  The caddis were thick on the shoals and the fish were eager.  Very few fish rising--they were feeding on pupa and emergers.  Most of the action came between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.  A good two days.

The river has been thru a lot the last two years with all the high water.  It was great to see the water low and in good shape this weekend.  Hopefully with the lake at normal pool and the good weather, we will see more windows in the generation and more fishing opportunities.   Be Safe and see you on the river!!!


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