Date Posted: January 06, 2012

The news I got from the Corp today was that we could expect the generation to start to decrease over the next few days, if the rain that is expected is not heavy.  The lake is within a foot of the normal pool.  During this time they will be running the equivalent of 2 generators for 12 hours each day.  This can be 1 generator for 24 hours or any equivalent combination.  Sound complicated?????  Stated simply, it means less water but still high for the next few days.  Checking the schedule thru Monday they are showing the generation spread throughout the day with no wading opportunities. 

The fish have been biting on the high water with some good browns still spawning.  It is just hard to get the fly down to the fish in the deep, swift water.  With the decrease in generation this should improve the drift fishing.  My last trip on high water was a good day with two anglers from California boating 8 to 10 browns and a good number of rainbows.  This brown was the largest at 21 inches.

Hopefully the rain will pass without over doing it and by late next week we could have lower water and more wading opportunities.

Good Fishing!!


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