Date Posted: February 17, 2012

Winter came and went quickly this week.  We had snow on Monday during the morning and by Tuesday it had melted and the temps were back in the 50’s.  The river is clear and the generation is beginning to be reduced because of the mild temperatures and the lake is about back to normal pool.

The Southwest Power Administration’s generation forecast is for twice a day generation at peak times.  This means early morning till noon and then again about 5 pm to 11pm.  I fished today and my clients had a good morning catching a lot of good rainbows.  The trick is staying ahead of the generation and then going back behind the morning generation.  This pattern will allow some wading opportunities for a short time at the park below the dam.  My contact with the power administration told me that this window could be better over the weekend if the power demand is lower.

The good news is the lake level is much better than the last two years.    This means that if we don’t have any large rain events, fishing will be good early this spring.
I am teaching a free fly fishing class at the Heber Springs First United Methodist Church.  The class will start Monday, February 27th at 7:00 pm.  The class will be in the church gym.  There will be a class each Monday evening for 5 weeks.  If you are interested in attending, please call me at 501-365-3330 and I will register you for the class.

Good Fishing!!


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