Date Posted: March 13, 2012

The rain over the weekend raised the lake level about 3 feet.  It is  back in the flood pool and this means increased generation.  They are now running 2 generators at about 7200 cfs around the clock.   The river is clear but very high.  I spoke with the Power Administration today and they forecast this to continue thru the week.  If there are no large rain events this week, the lake should be down enough to reduce generation next week.  Hopefully this will mean less hours of generation and provide some low water conditions.  Best check the generation schedule before planning your trip.  Drift fishing will probably be ok next week but I’m not sure about wading opportunities. 
That’s the bad news.  The good news is as soon as the river returns to normal, the caddis should be hatching and this should provide some great fishing.  With the warmer than normal temperatures, I was beginning to see caddis last week.  The hatch may be earlier than normal this year.  March browns are also beginning  to appear. 
Good Fishing!!


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