Date Posted: April 11, 2012

                   Hot off the wire!! Low water this weekend!!
The latest word from the Corp and the Power Administration is a reduction in generation starting Saturday.  With a change in the gauge at Georgetown from 21 feet to 16 feet on Sunday, the generation will be cut back.  I was told that the schedule posted on Friday will show less generation for the weekend.  This will probably be two generators for 10 hours starting at noon or after or a combination of two generators for about 6 hours and one unit for 6 hours.  Either will mean a window of low water on the river or at least fishable water.
The weathermen say a good weekend until late Sunday, so check out the Friday schedule and enjoy the river.  I was on the river today and saw a lot caddis and this means if the river is low enough to fish this weekend, I would definitely try a caddis pupa, emerger or maybe even a dry fly. 
The water is clear and the bugs are hatching so with lower water the fishing should be great.

Good Fishing!!


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