Date Posted: April 16, 2012

Well you should have been here this past weekend!  Sound familiar, it seems like I always hear “you should have been here yesterday” when I go fishing.  The water was low and clear and the fish were biting.  My client caught rainbows and browns all day both days of the weekend.  The fish were after the caddis and the bite was fantastic.  We used a couple of different caddis emergers with success on both.  I started with a dropper rig using two different flies and a couple of times he got strikes but lost the fish during the fight and both flies were gone.  I told him I was having a hard time figuring out this since the way I was rigging, he should have just lost only one of the flies if the fish broke off.  The next strike he landed two fish; one on each fly.  I have had this happen very few times when using two flies, but this was the first time that the fisherman landed both fish.   It happened again a short while later and so I realized he had two fish on when his line was broken on the times he lost both flies.  I went to one fly and finished the day. The photo is not great but shows two fish on the same rig!!
The fish were definitely keying on the emergers, not adults.  I tried a dry fly for a short time with no luck.  It might have been the wind’s fault since it would blow your hat off.
The Power Administration tells me that starting today; one unit is down for maintenance.  This is scheduled through May 10th.  With this unit down we can expect the generation to be about the same as today (one unit from 4:00 am till midnight) until the lake is at normal pool.  This will allow the lake to be lowered at the same rate as the schedule over the weekend. When the lake is normal we'll be back to demand only which will allow breaks and low water.  This is the plan unless there is a large rain event during this time.  The bad news is this will stop wade fishing, but the good news is that with one unit and clear water, the drift fishing should be good. 

Good Fishing!!


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