Date Posted: April 24, 2012

Good News!!
The latest from the power administration is for reduced generation starting tomorrow.  They told me that the schedule would probably be about 10 hours per day with one generator.  One generator is still down for maintenance until May 10th.  The generation will be in the afternoon since this is the peak demand period during the warmer months.
All this adds up to great fishing on the Little Red.  Fishing has been good for the last week with one generator running 20 hours per day but this has been drift fishing only.  With the new schedule, it will add plenty of wade fishing opportunities.  The caddis are still active and with the warmer weather this week, you should look for a caddis hatch.
This spring and summer are looking good for a trip to the Little Red.  If you haven’t already booked a trip, you may want to give me a call and reserve a day.  If the weather holds, we will have the best fishing conditions in the past few years.  The water is clear and low and the fish are in great shape after a mild winter and high water.

Good Fishing!!




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