Date Posted: May 08, 2012

Low, Clear Water!!!
That’s the story on the Little Red River.  A locally heavy rain early Monday muddied the lower river a little, but it cleared today.  The rest of the river is low and clear.  This is a far cry from the last three years and good news for wade fishermen.
 I’m still taking fish on size 14 nymphs and size 14 red-ass soft hackles.  With the clear, low water, I expect that smaller flies and smaller tippet (6x) will be the rule shortly, especially on the shallow shoals.  I’m not seeing any caddis the last few days indicating the spring caddis hatch is about over.  Everything has been early this year due to the warm weather.  Mayflies of different sizes are starting to appear though not in large numbers.
I spoke with the Power Administration today and was informed that the generator that has been down for maintenance should be back on line May 10th.  This means there could be some periods of 2 generator water after that date, but I was told it still should be limited to the afternoon time frame that has been the rule for the last few days.  No large amounts of generation are expected in the near future.  We are now in the minimum generation time of year that requires at least one hour daily to insure the temperature of the Little Red is friendly to the trout.  This runs from the 1st of May to mid-October.  All in all, everything is pointing to good fishing on the Little Red.
With more people fishing this time of the year, please be courteous and enjoy the river.

Good Fishing!!


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