Date Posted: July 14, 2012

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last report…time flies when you’re having a good time fishing. Keep your fingers crossed and hope the worst of the heat has passed.  The temperature has eased and we are getting some isolated rain showers.  Still not out of the woods as far as the drought, but scattered showers are a relief to the heat wave.  The river is in good shape with low, clear water, with the water temperature reaching 70 degrees for a short time at Dripping Springs on Friday, but dropped to about 65 degrees today (July 14).
Fishing is good with a blue winged olive hatch in some areas, usually in the late morning or afternoon.  With the drop in temperatures the comfort zone for fisherman has improved and full day trips are again enjoyable.
Erin caught this nice rainbow on a size 20 midge pupa on Tuesday

Good Fishing!!


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