Date Posted: August 01, 2012

With the temperature still topping 100 degrees we have had some issues on the lower river with water temperature reaching 76 to 80 degrees in areas below Dripping Springs.  This includes the last 10 miles of our trout water.  At this time I’m happy to report that thru the work of individuals, the Corp of Engineers, the Arkansas Game and Fish , Senator Pryor’s office and Southwest Power Administration, we will be receiving an additional 40% generation during this heat wave.  This should keep the river in good shape and the fish healthy.   A big thank you to all concerned.
The fishing has been good if you could find the fish in the upper to middle river with some good fish being caught below the dam on small midges.   Mid-river has been producing on nymphs and emergers.  If you like fishing with small wooly buggers, try adding an emerger behind the wooly when you are getting short strikes.  Since the river is low and clear, a good presentation is important.  Proper mending and light tippets are a must.  Nymphs are still the best bet since the fish are mostly staying in the cooler water near the bottom. 
During this hot weather, please be extra careful handling your fish before releasing. (Wet hands are a must!)  Try to keep the fish in the water and make sure it swims from your hand or net under its own power.  Try to land your fish as soon as possible to reduce stress.   Enjoy your day on the river and return the favor to those trout that make your day.
It rained yesterday and this morning!!!!!   Hooray!!!   Not much, but any break from the heat is appreciated.  The forecast is for some additional chance of showers thru Sunday with slightly lower temperatures.

It was Lucky's birthday, so we took her up to the shoal for a swim.  A good thing to do on a hot day.

Good Fishing!!


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