Date Posted: October 05, 2012

It’s raining at the Little Red River!  A couple of heavy rain showers have moved thru the area since 3:00 pm and it is now a steady rain and getting colder.  The weather forecast calls for colder weather for the weekend.  The first cold wave of the season with lows in the 40’s.  As of now the river is still clear as I am looking at it below Sulphur Creek.  The ground is still soaking up most of the rain so the runoff is at a minimum.  Get your jacket and let’s go fishing!!
Fishing has been good this week with low, clear water still the norm.  Generation has been one unit for one hour at about 3:00 to 4:00 pm each afternoon.  This has been enough to keep the water temperature good for the entire trout section of the river.  The rainbows seem to be in good shape with the average size running slightly larger than normal this past week, with the exception of the newly stocked Mcconaughy rainbows. The best suggestion is, if you get in an area that is heavily populated with these little fellows……..Move!  The browns have found this tasty food source, with reports of large browns chasing the 3 to 4 inch fish in the shoals.
The brown trout are beginning to move with the smaller males beginning to jump and splash on the shoals.  This is usually one of the first signs of the spawning migration.  Sow bugs, midge pupas, fox squirrel nymphs and small streamers have been producing fish.

Good Fishing!!


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