Date Posted: October 19, 2012

I just spoke with the Power Administration and was informed that there probably would be no generation from Greer’s Ferry Dam thru the weekend.  October 15 was the last day of the mandatory generation and we have had no generation since the 16th.  If there is any generation over the weekend, it will probably be late afternoon and small amounts.  They told me that there would most likely be some generation next week. We had very little rain from the last cold front passage so the river remains clear. 
The rainbows are taking small flies on light tippet in the clear water.  Size 16 to 20 seems to be the range.  There is still a blue winged olive hatch in the afternoons and some days a caddis hatch …late afternoon.  The brown trout are spotty with some being taken on the shoals.  These are mostly males in the 14 inch range.  There are rainbows in the spawning mode on some shoals. 
Try to find the deeper pockets on the shoals since the water is so low that it makes most areas too shallow in the main runs.
If you are motoring on the river, be extra careful since this is the lowest water of the year and you may hit rocks in places you don’t usually watch for them.



Good Fishing!!


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