Date Posted: October 31, 2012

“Why don’t they generate the amount and time they have posted on the Southwest Power Administration website?”  This is the question I’m asked frequently by fishermen.  The reason is this time of year and with the lake below normal, we are on a demand generation basis which means if they schedule generation for Greers Ferry Dam and the demand is not there or at a different time, the power administration will not generate or they will change the time and amount.  Check the website for the best possible forecast for the generation, but remember this is not written in stone and can be changed. 

Monday and Tuesday the website was right on with the one hour of generation each morning but today they did not run probably because of milder weather decreasing the need for power.  The rest of the week is forecast to be warmer so expect less or no generation during this time.  I noticed that they are scheduled to generate one hour late tomorrow evening but I wouldn’t be surprised if this does not take place because of low demand.

Fishing was a little slow on Saturday and Monday morning, but really improved right ahead of the generation rise on Monday.  I had a trip out of Lobo Landing on Monday and the fish turned on with the fresh water.  It was a slow rise since they just ran for one hour.  We ended up with a good day.  The river is still low and clear and small nymphs and light tippet re still the best bet.  The generation over the last two days should improve fishing on the shoals and help get the brown trout moving.

Good Fishing!!


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