Date Posted: December 06, 2012

So Far I’m Enjoying Winter Weather!!!!   With the mild weather and low, clear water conditions this winter is looking good …….so far!  Except for extreme low water conditions with no generation the fishing conditions have been good.  This low water is something quite different than we have seen in the last few years so a change in fishing strategy has been needed.  My boat’s hull is showing signs of sliding over a lot of rocks that have appeared in the river.  I kind of feel like the farmer that’s never satisfied with the weather….either too hot, too cold, too much rain, too dry, not enough water and so on.  It’s easy to complain but when I think about it, I shouldn’t be complaining because it’s been a good year.  You just have to look for the fish in different places.
We had a good rain on Tuesday and they also generated the same day so the river remains clear.   There has been an increase in generation the last two days with morning and afternoon generation so maybe this will get the brown trout moving on the shoals.  The brown trout action has been off and on with the main spawn running late this year.   My clients are catching good browns in the 14” to 16” range with a few in the 18” to 20” category.  The rainbow bite is good with nice fish and beautiful colors.  Sow bugs (size 16) and midge pupas (size 18 to 20) remain the flies of choice, with the browns taking larger nymphs (size 14 to 12).
Still some open dates, so if that fly rod needs to be used before the year runs out……give me a call!  Also a guided fly fishing trip makes a great Christmas gift. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Good Fishing!!


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