Date Posted: December 27, 2012

“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” has a whole new meaning along the Little Red River.  Christmas day brought an unusual amount of the white stuff in a short period of time.  We got about a foot of snow from late Tuesday afternoon till early Wednesday morning. 
The river is still clear and low and I spoke to the Power Administration yesterday and they informed me due to one generator being down for maintenance and a problem with the second unit, there would probably be no generation for up to 3 weeks.  Wade fishing opportunities will be good during this period and drift fishing will be available in the deeper pools.
I haven’t been on the river since last Saturday due to the holidays and cold weather.  Saturday, the fish were taking small emergers.  There was a big midge hatch and a few blue winged olives were also hatching.  We caught both browns and rainbows on size 20 midge emergers.  The fish were good size and brilliant colors.  This time of the year offers unique opportunities for fishing.  Hope to get back on the river tomorrow and enjoy the beauty of the river with the snow.

Happy New Year and Good Fishing!!


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