Date Posted: January 09, 2013

It always amazes me when a large fish takes a small fly.  When I say small, I mean size 20 or smaller midges being the main diet of the trout during the winter months.  I have been fishing midge pupas and emergers the last few days with varying degrees of success.  This has ranged from great to just ok……this is the old story of fishing.  It seems to depend on the weather and the intensity of the midge hatches.  Size seems to be of great importance when fishing the midge hatches.  When the larger midges are hatching, it is easier to match the size that the fish are taking.  The smallest midges are just about impossible to match so just do the best you can and you will have some success, just not as good.
On Monday, I went to the dam with my three weight rod, 6x tippet and small midge flies to fish for brooks and rainbows and got quite a surprise.  A 25 inch brown trout decided to eat my size 20 midge and the battle was on.  After chasing the brown while navigating the slick rocks, I was lucky enough to land it, measure and take a photo.
Today, the river remains low and clear with a light rain.  The forecast is for possibly heavy rain thru Thursday.  If this happens, it could muddy the river since the snow has saturated the ground and the creeks will be carrying runoff into the river.  I will keep you posted on the water conditions.

Good Fishing!!


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