Date Posted: January 18, 2013

The Corp of Engineers’ latest update is for the release of water from the flood gates to be changed to 1 foot for each of the 6 gates starting Saturday morning and continuing around the clock thru Tuesday.  This is the equivalent of one generator running full capacity.  This is expected to bring the lake back to normal pool by Tuesday.  There will be no wade fishing opportunities thru Tuesday.
I spoke with the Power Administration today and was informed that the generators would probably be down for the next three weeks.  At that time, we will see quite a bit of generation since Greer’s Ferry Lake will be the lake with the largest percent of water in the generation pool in the White River District.  Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Norfork are still below pool level.  If this remains the same, Greers Ferry Dam will be the primary source of generation.  I was told this would probably be one generator volume for the most part.  If all this holds true, it looks like wade fishing will be available after Tuesday for a couple of weeks and then drift fishing will be the norm except for pauses in the generation schedule.

Good Fishing!!


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