Date Posted: February 28, 2013

If you think the river flow has been confusing up until now, guess again.  Southwest Power has brought one of the generators back on line.  This means that the generation schedule will be posted on line for the one unit.  This will reflect the generation only but, the corp will be releasing water thru the flood gates until the lake level is 463.  The level today is 463.9.  This means that the flow will be the equivalent of 2 generators until the lake drops to 463 then, the release will be just from the one generator  24/7 until the lake is 462.  At this time the power administration will control the generation and it will be on demand only so there should be some low water windows and the generation tables should reflect the true height of the river.  With Greers Ferry Lake being the reservoir with the highest pool level in the White River system, we will be seeing the most generation of any of the reservoirs.  When the lake level reaches 462 there will probably be quite a bit of one generator flow on the river.  The second generator is not due back on line until late April or May. 
The lake level and generation can be found on .  Click on Greers Ferry.  The river is clearing and the drift fishing should be good when the river returns to the one generator level.

One other note:  The Game and Fish department is aware of the hybrids coming thru the spillway and is monitoring them.  If the numbers warrant, a plan to remove them will be undertaken.  This could include shocking and relocating them back to the lake.

Thanks for the positve comments I received from members at the Trout Unlimited meeting on my website.  If you have any suggestions or comments please use the contact section of the website.

Be Safe and Good Fishing!!!


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