Date Posted: April 08, 2013

You  should have been here yesterday!!.............How many times have you heard this when you arrived for a fishing trip.  Actually this time, you should have been here day before yesterday.  Saturday was a great day on the river, low water and warm weather made the caddis flies active and this excited the trout.  The trout bit all day and the average size was better than it has been so far this year.  The larger trout seem to get more active with the caddis hatch.  My fishermen, who have fished with me many times, said this was the best day they had ever experienced on the Little Red.  The water level was higher on Sunday and it was a cloudy morning and the fish were not quite as active but it was a good day.  The bite was better in the afternoon on nymphs fished about four feet deep.
Red ass flies and caddis pupas or emergers seemed to be the best choices.  The fish did not seem to be feeding on top but were definitely feeding on the caddis below the surface.  If we can avoid any large rain events, this should be the beginning of good spring fishing.  The lake level is normal and one generator is in operation.

Good Fishing!!


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