Date Posted: April 20, 2013

I spoke to the Corp and the Power Administration today and got this information.  Due to the regulated level of the White River at Newport, the release from Bull Shoals and Norfork will be restricted somewhat until the river level drops below the regulated level.  The level at Georgetown which affects the releases on the Little Red will allow the release of one generator’s water to continue.  The Power Administration informed me that there will be a cut back to about ½ unit of water in the late night and early hours of the morning thru Monday.  I was also told that the 2nd generator would probably not be on line until mid-May.  So it looks like we will continue with the same flow until the lake level returns to normal pool and then we should see some windows for wade fishing.
The drift fishing has been fair to good depending on the weather and temperatures.  The warmer days between the fronts have been the best.  My fishermen have been catching good rainbows and a few good brown trout.  Drifting with heavy nymphs still is the best option and we are taking a few fish on streamers.

Good Fishing!!


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