Date Posted: May 03, 2013

Well, spring was great while it lasted!  The weather was warm last weekend and the first part of the week and with a great caddis hatch, the fish were as active as I have seen in some time. Both browns and rainbows have been feeding on the caddis.   Fishing has been great with fish being taken on caddis nymphs and emergers all day and dry flies have been good mid-day into the afternoon.
If the weather permits, the fishing will be good this weekend since the  rain did not muddy the river and the generation is to be at minimum levels. I feel that the only reason they generated this morning was due to the cold weather and the need for electricity.  This may continue over the weekend with some generation in the mornings.  So far we have been lucky with the amounts of rain, the foliage helps with the run off and the river remains clear.  The cold weather may slow the hatch but there are plenty of caddis in the water column, so try nymphs and emergers.

Good Fishing!!


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