Date Posted: May 09, 2013

The fishing continues to be good on the Little Red.  Rainbows and browns are both actively feeding on caddis and mayfly hatches.  The main bite seems to be from mid-morning until about 5:00 pm.  This is the peak time for the insect activity and the best water conditions.
With the varied insects coming off, there doesn’t seem to be a specific fly better than others as long as the size and color match the hatch.  Nymphs and emergers are producing the most fish with some being taken on dry flies during the peak of the caddis hatch.  The number of different insects in the water seem to excite the fish into feeding on any available food source, so if  you are unable to see a distinct hatch, try your favorite nymph or pupa with a good chance of success.
We’ll have to see how much rain we get in the next couple of days.  If we don’t receive enough to muddy the river or change the generation schedule, the fishing should remain good over the weekend.  The summer conservation pool height will be 462.5, so as long as the lake remains at this height or below the generation will be on power demand only.  This will mean low water periods on the river on a more regular basis.  So far, this spring has been the best fishing in the last 3 years.

Good Fishing!!


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