Date Posted: June 05, 2013

The lake crested yesterday at 467.4 feet.  This is 5 feet above the normal pool so it looks like we will have to deal with one generator or about 3350 cfs for the next month or so.  This is due to the second generator still being off line due to repairs.  I have been unable to get a definite date for this generator to be brought back on line.  The river has cleared as far down as Big Creek where, as of yesterday, dingy water was still flowing into the river from Big Creek and other small ditches on the lower river.
Drift fishing should be ok on this water but no wade fishing is available.  There may be opportunities to wade fish the Norfork and upper White River in the morning hours for the next few days due to the water levels on the lower White River preventing around the clock releases from these dams.  Check the daily generation schedules for these opportunities. 
The good news from this late heavy rain is that there should be plenty of water in the lake to supply cold water for the trout in the upcoming summer heat.
The Kid's Derby will be at JFK Park on Saturday, June 8th.  The corp will shut down generation from 7:00 am to 11:00 am to allow the kids an opportunity to fish.  As of now the schedule registration from 7:00 to 8:00 am.  Fishing will begin at 8:00 am when the hatchery will stock trout at the boat ramp.  Fishing will cease at 11:00 am or when the horn sounds because of the rising water. Boats may not be launched at the park ramp during this time.  Wade fishing for adult anglers will be available for a short time on the upper section of the park and lower section below Collins Creek while the derby is in process.

Good Fishing!!


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