Date Posted: June 21, 2013

I was informed this morning by the Power Administration that the increase in generation that we are seeing today would probably continue until the lake is back to 462.54.  This is the normal pool elevation.  It seems that the one generator around the clock with increases to two generators, for short periods, is the best option for the stress on the generators.   The only exceptions may be tomorrow morning for a short window and on Tuesday morning from midnight till 6:00 am.   The lake Is now 465.1 and falling at about .25 per day, so it should be down to normal in about 10 days.
Sometimes the “brown” that is caught is not a trout.  This carp was landed by my client last week and was quiet a surprise.  This is only the 4th carp in about 20 years of fishing the Little Red that I have seen caught.  They are a good fight on a 5 weight fly rod.

Good Fishing!!


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