Date Posted: July 10, 2013

The weather has remembered that it is July in Arkansas and the temperature needs to be in the 90’s, so it is.  Although warmer, the fishing continues good with late afternoon generation.  This is the best schedule for fishing since it allows wading on most sections of the river at some time during the day.  It also allows drift fishing on all sections of the river.  The 6 hours of generation is sufficient to cool the water and keep it in a good range for the trout the entire 31 mile designated trout area.  This generation schedule should remain approximately the same during the next few weeks due to this being the highest demand period for electric power.
With the low clear water during the middle of the day, smaller flies and tippets may help your fishing success.  Blue-wing olives are hatching on the shoals.  This seems to be the trout’s main food at this time.  Small mayfly nymphs and small emergers are a good fly choice.

Good Fishing!!





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