Date Posted: October 31, 2013

The river remains low with little or no generation.  The last generation was on October 25th.  This means the shoals and shallow areas of the river are nearly impossible to navigate in a boat.  Be very careful running your boat even in areas where usually you don’t encounter any obstacles. 
The fish are spooky and since there is little or no current, it is hard to find fish holding in a feeding lane.  They are mostly cruising and feeding on small midges and sow bugs.  Small flies and tippets are still the rule when fly fishing.
I saw my first large brown jumping yesterday, so maybe this is a sign that the browns will be moving.  The water is so low on the shoals that the fish may locate in different areas than normal.  Be careful while wading to avoid the redds.  Even though you may not see the fish on the shoals, they could be coming to the shoals during the night and making their redds.   The redd is the spawning spot for the trout and is made by the fish cleaning all the moss and sediment off an area of the gravel bottom.  These will appear as a bright area on the bottom of the river.  After the eggs are deposited in the redd, they will remain for several weeks before hatching.  Please avoid these areas while wading since disturbing these eggs will destroy the ability of the eggs to hatch.

Any generation during the fall and winter months will probably be in the morning hours since this is the peak demand period during colder months.

Good Fishing!!


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