Date Posted: January 15, 2014

After the rain event last weekend, the lake peaked at 463.9 feet.  This is almost 2 foot over normal and the Corp started 2 generators on Monday morning.  I spoke to the Corp and was told that the generators would run 24/7 until the lake level reached 463 and then would change to the equivalent of 2 units for 12 hours per day until the level returns to 462.04.  This 12 hour schedule translates to this amount of water released over a 24 hour period (could be 1 unit for 24 hours per day).  This gets complicated but so goes explaining the flow on tail water rivers. The lake level is now 463.4 as of January 15, 2014.  The level of 463 should be reached by Friday. 
Fishing will probably be limited to drift fishing until the generation returns to power demand only, which should be sometime late next week barring any large rain events.  The river is clear and after a cold Friday, the weekend and early next week looks warmer with little or no rain expected.  With the warmer weather I hope you are able to get out and get rid of the cabin fever.

Good Fishing!!


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