Date Posted: February 28, 2014

If you can fish on the right days, the fishing is good.  It all depends on what is comfortable for the fisherman.  The weather has been a roller coaster the last couple of weeks with some days being great for February and others being “February”.  My clients are catching a lot of rainbows and the average size has been good.  Midge pupas, soft hackle emergers and sow bugs have been the best bet.
Water conditions are good for this time of the year.  The lake is slightly below normal and the generation has been such that you just have to work around the schedule to find a good section of the river to fish.  The warmer days and weekends have been the best generation patterns since these have the lowest demand.

Last Wednesday, I had a guide trip and my client had been catching a lot of fish and then we hit a slow period.  While rigging another fly for him to try,  I cast to check the depth and this rainbow decided to hit the fly while I was walking toward Jim to hand him the rod.  Needless to say, I wish he had caught the fish, but it proved the fly worked.  He ended up having a good day and was very good netting the fish!  I seldom fish with my client, even if I’m asked, because of this.  I would much rather the client catches the fish of the day than the guide.  My client had a great attitude about the odds of this happening while rigging his rod and told me I saved him a lot of money because he would have had a replica mount made of the rainbow.  OK, Jim here is your rainbow that decided to hit one cast early!!!


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