Date Posted: March 14, 2014

Since Monday, the generation has been as predicted.  The 300 to 500 cfs has amounted to about a six to eight inch rise below the dam to about a four inch rise at Winkley Shoal.  This is accompanied by a slight increase in current.  The shoals down river are averaging about a four inch rise.
This makes for good drift fishing and wading is also good.  Slight adjustments may be necessary as to where you are used to wading due to the increase in depth.
We will have to see what this weekend brings with the chance of heavy rain on Saturday night and Sunday.  The lake is about 2 foot low but is rising slightly each day due to runoff from the snow melt.  With the ground saturated, a heavy rain could produce a substantial rise in the lake.  If the pool rises into the flood pool, the corp will release water thru the flood gates until the lake returns to normal. If this should happen the flow will not exceed a two generator flow until the lake is back in the conservation pool. Hopefully this rain will not affect the lake to that extent.

Good Fishing!!


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