Date Posted: March 18, 2014

Well, the rain came and raised the lake into the flood pool after the first week of the generation shut down.  They are releasing water by use of the flood gates and at this time it is the equivalent of a little less than one unit of water or about a 4 foot rise below the dam. This began about noon yesterday and has been gradually increasing to this level.  This will probably continue until the lake is back in the conservation pool of 462.04.  The lake level as of 9:00 am was 462.51 and rising slightly.

This flow will make wade fishing very difficult at best but drift fishing should be good on this water.  The good news is the flow is clearing the river since it was murky after the rain.  The weather forecast is good for the next 10 days with warmer weather and very little rain forecast so conditions should continue to improve.

Good Fishing!!


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