Date Posted: May 21, 2010

Well we got the rain event on Wednesday night and Thursday.  The river was extremely muddy on Thursday but with generation Thursday afternoon and night it is beginning to show signs of clearing.  Hopefully with generation this afternoon and night it will improve.

By the way, they are showing 1 generator running around the clock on the predicted generation but they have been running 2 generators starting at noon until about 10:00 pm. So check the generation phone number 501-362-5150 before planning your fishing trip.  You can also look at the Little Red Chart link on this website (48 is one unit of generation and 96 is two generators) (cfs is 3000 to 3500 for one unit and 6000 to 7000 for two). 

I went out Wednesday afternoon and the caddis were still coming off in large numbers.  The trout were taking dry flies and caddis emergers.  We have had an excellent caddis hatch this spring and hopefully it will continue for a few more days.

The last few rains have caused a great deal of muddy water coming into the river from feeder creeks and ditches.  If you see a cause for this (cleared ground with no silt barriers, etc. alongside creeks and ditches leading to the river) please contact Chapter 722 of Trout Unlimited at and email the president.

Thanks for your help in watching out for the river and Good Fishing!


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