Date Posted: June 05, 2010

The river remains a little murky due to the afternoon thundershowers this week.  This is from below Cow Shoals down to the Ramsey, but still good fishing.  The power company has been generating in the afternoon beginning about 11:00 am.  This provides a window for wading on the upper river in the mornings, mid river (Winkley Shoal) until about 3:00 pm and the lower river in the afternoon.

The time it takes for the generation to reach access areas on the Little Red are as follows:        Dam site.................Walk out when you hear the horn!
                     Cow Shoals........... About 1 to 1 1/2 hours
                     Winkley Shoal....... About 3 1/2 to 4 hours
                     Libby Shoal.......... About 5 hours
                     Pangburn Bridge.. About 7 to 8 hours
                     Ramsey Access...... About 9 to 10 hours

These can vary with amount of generation and remaining water levels in the river but it gives you an idea of the amount of time before wading is prohibited. The number to call to get the time the generation began is 501-362-5150.                     

The caddis hatch is about over.  Very few caddis are coming off and the fish have gone back to a variety of flies including sow bugs and midges.  Dark colors in the stained water and light colors in the clear water at the dam seem to be working well.  A few mayflies are being seen on the river so keep an eye out for fish keying on them.  Pheasant tail nymphs are a good choice for mayfly action. The fishing is good with mostly rainbows being caught and they are healthy.  Seems that the caddis hatch made them fat and sassy. 

Please remember that thunderstorms contain lightning and a fly rod is like waving a lightning rod.  So set out the storm and wait until the cloud has past to resume fishing.  Fishing in the rain is fine but not a thunderstorm!

Good Fishing!



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