Date Posted: October 25, 2015

With the wind from the south and low water conditions this weekend, fishing was tough Sunday and Monday.  Wade fishing the shoals was the best option since the wind would blow you upstream making it almost impossible to get a drift while boat fishing. My fishermen caught fish Sunday wade fishing but Monday’s clients had a boat trip and the fishing was slow.  We did manage fish on midge pupas wherever we could find a little current to get a drift.
The “no generation” for 48 hours has shown the result of siltation on the river.  I hit bottom in places I never had a problem before.  The runoff from heavy rain this past spring has settled on the shoals, flats in the river and filled in the boat lanes in many places such as Horseshoe Bend and Rainbow Island.  Even a jet motor will not get you over some of these areas that were passable last year.  Take extra care when running the river during this period.
A few browns are beginning to stage and I found a couple of redds on a shoal in the lower river on Sunday.  These redds were probably rainbows that are trying to spawn at this time.  Please learn to recognize the spawning redds and avoid wading thru them since this will destroy the eggs and prevent a good brown trout spawn. (Brown trout are not stocked in the Little Red and we depend on the spawning fish to sustain our brown trout population, so please, use care when fishing the spawning browns.

Good Fishing!!

Greg Seaton


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