Date Posted: December 01, 2015

After receiving about 9 inches of rain in the last two weeks the lake is 4 feet into the flood pool which means an increase in generation. This is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am on Wednesday, December 2nd. Since one of the generators is still down for repair, the Corp has informed me that they will use the flood gates to increase the flow to the equivalent of two units around the clock until the lake level is 463.  At this point, the flow will be decreased about ½ or one unit around the clock.  If the second unit is back on line at this time, the generation could be two units for 12 hours per day.  This will continue until the lake reaches the normal level of 462.04.

This means that there will be no wade fishing available during this generation and one should use caution while drifting since the flow will be higher than it has been in some time.  Do not let your boat get caught upstream against a dock or other obstruction in this type of water!

My free fly fishing class at First United Methodist Church in Heber Springs will be offered again next year.  The class will be one night a week (7:00 to 9:00 pm) for four weeks.  The class will be the last two weeks of February and the first 2 weeks in March.  The exact dates will be set within the next couple of weeks.  If interested in reserving a place in the class, please call or contact me at the listing below.

If you are wondering what to get that fly fisher on your Christmas list, you might consider a guided fishing trip on the Little Red.  There is still time to take care of this great gift.  Just give me a call at 501-690-9166 and I’ll take care of the details.

Be Safe and Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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