Date Posted: February 01, 2016

The river continues to be high and swift.  The Corp is releasing approximately 8400 cfs by combining the one generator with flood gate discharge.  This is keeping the river about 1 to 1 ½ feet above the normal 2 generator level.  The lake is dropping at the rate of 4 tenths of a foot per day from the current level of 466.50 as of Monday, February 1, 2016.  This flow will continue until the lake reaches 463.  At this time a determination will be made to either continue this pattern until a lake level of 458 ft. or one generator around the clock until the lake reaches 458 ft.  This is the lake level which will allow completion of the work being done on the second generator.  This should be completed within a couple of weeks from the time this lake level is reached.  The main concern is to get this generator operational by late spring so any high water releases will be made thru the generators not the warm water from the surface of the lake using the flood gates. This must be done to assure the water temperature stays in the 50 degree range below the dam. 

We should see a reduction in generation by the latter part of February if the area doesn’t get a large rain event.

Be Safe!!  Use caution on the river at this time due to the swift currents.  The river is clear and the best chance for fishing is the slower backwater areas and bends of the river.

Good Fishing!!


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