Date Posted: February 09, 2016

Well we’re getting closer to good fishing. Since this winter has been a wet one, the low water during January and February hasn’t happened, but the Corp tells me that by sometime next week the generation should be back to power demand only. This means periods of wade fishing and low water should be available.
There are two possibilities for this week.  The first being, the current generation will continue until next Tuesday (February 16th) and this should get the lake level down to the 459 mark that will allow the work on the second generator to be completed.  When the lake reaches this 459 level, they will go to power demand only.  The second possibility is to close the flood gates on Friday and run one generator 24/7 over the weekend and until the lake level reaches 459, which would require a few more days to lower the lake. This will be determined on Thursday by the lake level at that time.
I will try and post the Thursday decision on my website. The fishing should be good starting the week of February 16th.

Good Fishing!!

Greg Seaton


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