Date Posted: February 11, 2016

The Corp has informed me that the lake is to be lowered to 457 feet instead of the target of 459 feet.  This is due to a problem with water reaching the area that they must access to repair the second generator.  They are now projecting that the current flow will continue until about February 22nd.  At this time we should start seeing a more favorable generation schedule for fishing.
The Corp is trying to get the second unit back on line as soon as possible for a couple of reasons.
1. We need a backup to the current generator so that when the surface temperature of the lake rises we will be assured the cold water needed for the trout is available. Since this 50° degree water comes thru the generators at 147 below the surface, the flood gates which are being used at this time cannot be used during warm weather.
2. If we should get a large amount of rain this spring, the two units would be necessary to lower the lake level and maintain the prime water temperature for the trout.
This is an inconvenience but necessary for the continued well-being of our river.

Good Fishing!!

Greg Seaton



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