Date Posted: March 28, 2016

The generation schedule is a daily challenge to predict at this point.  The best plan is to check the forecast the night before and plan accordingly.  The river is clear to slightly stained at this time according to the distance below the dam with the clearest water closer to the dam.  If you are able to stay ahead or behind the rise, fishing falling water, the fishing is good.  My fishermen Saturday caught both rainbows and browns with a first time trout fisherman catching a 20” brown.
There are times when wading is available.  Check the forecast for the next day generation and plan your day accordingly.  Remember about 4 hours for one generator water to reach Winkley Shoal and about
1 1/2 hours for the water to fall at JFK Park after generation for wading water. On the low clear water, midge pupas are working and for the stained water size 14 nymphs are a good bet.

Good Fishing!!

Greg Seaton


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